September update

Hey everyone,

As the Ocean Sprint is almost just around the corner, there are a few important things you should read:

# Communication channel

The official channel for sprint-related communication is hosted by Matrix and you can install to start chatting. Invite:!

# Accommodation

Use the communication channel to group up to reduce the costs of the accommodation. Try to be as close to "Calle Catamaran" street (where the sprint venue is): *

If you want to be closer to the beach, make sure you are in the "Las Cuchara" area, so it's not too far to walk to the sprint venue. Generally speaking, the closer to the beach you look, the smaller the places are. *…

# COVID-19 policy

We're taking the pandemic epidemic seriously and will do our best to keep the risk of infection low. This means that everyone coming to the event needs to be fully vaccinated AND tested upon arrival.

Again, we require all sprint participants to be fully vaccinated and for everyone to do a test upon arrival, before they enter the sprint venue. The testing facility is 300 meters away from the venue, the test costs €20 and you get the results in 30 minutes:

Canary Islands have free full insurance in case of health issues related to COVID-19 infection: